How much do you remember about your Kecoughtan Class of 1983 classmates?
1) Which football team did the Warriors play in the Homecoming Game?
Ferguson Mariners
Phoebus Phantoms
Denbigh Patriots
Lafayette Rams
2) Who was Miss KHS?
Debra Carter
Susan Lilley
Allison Black
Teresa Brylewski

3) Which major Broadway musical was performed by the Drama Club?
The Music Man
A Chorus Line
4) Which team went undefeated in all of their contests?
Swim Team
Golf Team
Varsity Soccer Team
Girls Basketball Team

5) Who was our class valedictorian?
John LeDeaux
Lisa Wildes
Nageen Talibi
Siriget Chencharoen
6) Which Senior class tradition was nearly called off because of previous unruly behavior?
Senior Skip Day
Senior Prom
Class Night

7) Who was the Warrior mascot?
Lem Apperson
James Genus
Kevin Brian Trunk
Vince D'Elia
8) Which teacher was known for "burnelisms"
Col. Barber
Miss Matteson
Mr. Horne
Mr. Pendergraft