The 35 Year Kecoughtan High School Class of 1983 reunion is all set. We will be cruising on the Spirit of Norfolk on Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 7:00PM.

We will also meet as a group at Oyster Alley at the Crown Plaza in Hampton on Friday night, August 24th for an informal social. Just drop by and see everyone!

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If you do not plan to attend the next Kecoughtan Class of 1983 reunion you need a good excuse and a note from your parents.

These excuses have been tried and are unacceptable:

1) I am overweight.
You are not alone. Have you seen your old Kecoughtan classmates on Facebook lately?

2) I'm a different person than I was in high school.
Thank goodness we all are! Let's face it: we could only have improved

3) I don't look as good as I'd like. I (choose one or more) am bald, have wrinkles, saddlebags, grey hair, etc...and no one will recognize me.
Guess what!? You won't recognize anyone else either. Our whole class probably looks like a "before" photo in a plastic surgery ad.

4) I'm not successful. I did not become a doctor, or lawyer, or rich.
You'll be pleasantly surprised to find how much everyone has matured. We may be plump and wrinkled (see excuse #3), but we are not stupid. Money is not success.

5) I was not in a popular clique at Kecoughtan High School.
Now that we are old and smart, those cliques have dissolved just like the superficialities they were based on. The only cliques you'll notice at the Kecoughtan Class of 1983 reunion will be the sound of our joints as we walk around!

paraphrased from Mary Fobian's class newsletter on
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